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Friday April 18th - Try Best Fish and Chips in Town
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Appetizers – setting the scene for an evening

Whether you’re out for a casual meal with a few friends or entertaining the in-laws for an anniversary dinner, the whole evening may hang in the balance by virtue of the all-important selection of appetizers. Do you share for the table or share as couples – or go for it and order one per person? It really does not matter. What is crucial is the quality of the appetizers themselves. The tone for the rest of your meal may well be dictated by these small ‘starter’ plates, meant to whet your appetite.

At QB’s, you may have a problem; certainly not because of the quality of the food, but for the sheer number of appetizers offered – enough to tempt practically any individual – man, woman or child. There truly is something for everyone.

Considering enjoying a fine meal with your family or maybe you’re just looking for a restaurant where you can watch any sporting event with like-minded fans on any given night? Look no further than QB Sports Bar Grill Games. Call 905-637-9797 to hear about major event updates and come on down and enjoy an evening of terrific food and refreshments in a relaxing environment.

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Update Routine
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